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ListAgent ensures agents’ online digital listings on sites like Google, Apple and Bing are visible when customers search for insurance. By ensuring these listings can be found, agents have the best possible chance to capture online lead volume. ListAgent also confirms that agents’ listings have accurate and optimized information on each applicable site.
Progressive agent testimonials
“For someone that isn’t tech savvy, this was definitely an experience that helped me understand and leverage technology.”
Patrick, Aion Insurance Consultants
—Patrick, Aion Insurance Consultants
“Kelly did a great job in explaining the program and showing me areas of improvement.”
Robert Bois, Bois Insurance Agency
—Robert, Bois Insurance Agency
“Our ListAgent rep, Rachael, has always been super helpful in reviewing the reports and data they provide.”
Tyna, CIS Insurance Agency
—Tyna, CIS Insurance Agency
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Search Influence is a nationally recognized expert in digital marketing, focused on helping clients significantly change their business. From their home base in New Orleans, the company provides search engine optimization services that help Progressive agents have more effective, business-building websites and online presences.
Progressive agent testimonials
“(O)ur team at Search Influence has exceeded all of our expectations. Our organic traffic is rising, and we’ve never been more excited about the growth of our business!”
Rick, Cochrane Insurance
— Jason, Fidishun Insurance
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Lift Local is a marketing firm based in Utah, whose mission is to help businesses extract more value from their former, current and prospective clients at every step of the customer cycle. The company offers a hands-off approach, meaning the client is unburdened of the logistics of a marketing campaign—Lift Local does it for you.
Progressive agent testimonials
“Before using Lift Local our inbound calls were from clients and referrals. Since starting with Lift Local we’ve started getting more traffic, and more inbound calls from people saying they read our Google reviews.”
Vela Insurance
—Rachel, Vela Insurance.
“If you're a small business owner that is looking to get a local search boost, Lift Local is the team for you…. We've seen increased review activity and increased inbound new business calls as a result.”
—Tom, Novallus Insurance Broker
“...When I first learned about Lift Local, I wasn’t sure if they would measure up to my high expectations. I know I can call them to get my questions answered and they are proactive about answering questions...”
Steele Insurance
—Mathieu, Stan Steel Agency
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Taradel provides Progressive agents with a 10-minute, turnkey platform to create affordable, highly targeted mail and digital ad campaigns designed to drive new leads and clients to their businesses. Established in 2003, the company is an independent provider of print and mail services and an authorized affiliate of the United States Postal Service® under license.
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Founded in 2013, GatherUp offers a marketing solution that’s hand-crafted, cared-for, and powerful enough to help change businesses for the better. Its offering for Progressive agents reflects the company’s ability to help businesses not just gather reviews, but grow from understanding their customers better.
Progressive agent testimonials
“Perfect service, and their system works!!”
Rick, Cochrane Insurance
—Rick, Cochrane Insurance
“Gavin was very helpful. He explained things and answered all my questions.”
—Jolie, All Lines Insurance
“Incredible ROI and terrific customer service. Thank you!”
Clinton, Insurance Connection
—Clinton, Insurance Connection
“Simple yet robust system. I look forward to seeing how many responses I get. Mike Blumenthal with GatherUp was excellent in his explanation and assistance in setup!”
—Jay, Crye-Leike Insurance
“Josh Sholder has been a great asset to our company in helping us navigate the new waters of getting online reviews! He is kind and thorough via email and through one on one webinars. I appreciate the help, his encouragement and great customer service!”
—Martha, Aspen Insurance Group
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