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ListAgent offers powerful tools for improving your agency’s local search online presence. It helps ensure your agency is listed on major search engines, voice assistants, social platforms, GPS devices and other Internet directories. And, it confirms that your listings have accurate and optimized information for each site.
ListAgent offers three programs for Progressive agents:
ListAgent “Foundation” program
$199 per year
Access reports and notifications to monitor progress and activity within your Google My Business account. ListAgent will send email notifications with recommendations of any missed opportunities and updates on new changes that Google has implemented within the Google My Business dashboard.
ListAgent Performance Package
$215 per year
To help you maximize your Google My Business account, ListAgent will provide content and create two Google posts per month to increase your visibility and Google actions. This service is available starting in January 2021. Pre-order begins mid-December 2020.
ListAgent “Builder” program
$299 per year
ListAgent will help create listings for your agency, and provide reporting to help you monitor your progress. It starts with a consultation call with your ListAgent representative. They’ll discuss all the reporting options, explain the results and identify any issues. Your representative will also discuss and recommend ways to improve your Google My Business account. You’ll get recommended next steps and tools (such as links and guides) to help as you learn your way around Google My Business.
Search engine optimize (SEO) your website

Search Influence’s SEO services help improve your ability to appear more prominently in organic search results, which helps you earn more business from customers searching for agents in their area.
Search Influence offers four website SEO services:
One-time SEO audit of your website
This includes recommendations on how to improve your content for better search results.
Six-month SEO campaign
$920 per month (a $1,100 per month value!)
Addresses the SEO “must haves,”, including new content, technical improvements, YouTube videos, and analytics. This package was created specifically for insurance agents.
Custom SEO campaign
$1,020 per month (a $1,200 per month value!)
A fully customized campaign, for your agency, to help improve your website’s power as a lead generation and sales tool.
Custom SEO campaign
$1,820 per month (a $2,000 per month value!)

A fully customized campaign, for your agency, to help improve your website’s power as a lead generation and sales tool. This is a custom, more aggressive approach with accelerated execution of SEO tactics. It’s ideal for agencies that are in a more competitive market, or who want to see SEO results as quickly as possible.

Boost your social media presence

Search Influence’s social media services help you engage new and existing customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
Search Influence offers three social media packages:
Social Kickstarter
$500 per month
All you need to get your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presence up and running, and working for your agency. Includes intial setup (as needed) and optimization of your agency’s pages on these sites, setup of monthly reporting, and content creation for 12 months.
Facebook Management
$1,020 per month ($1,200 value!)
Includes branding of your Facebook page, regular posting, and advertising via Facebook and Instagram to get more visibility to your agency’s Facebook posts.
Facebook and Instagram advertising
Strategy and setup, starting at $2,250
Provides a targeted, high effort advertising strategy that will help drive brand awareness and leads.

Ongoing campaign, starting at $1,750 per month
Includes creation and running of targeted advertising to generate brand awareness and drive leads.

Put your online reviews to work to drive more business to your agency

GatherUp offers a system to help you monitor and respond to reviews of your business that appear across the Internet. It also allows you to automate the ability to ask your clients for more reviews, market reviews on your website as content and social proof, and track reviews to help find areas of improvement for your business.
GatherUp offers the following:
GatherUp Pro
$499 per year (a $1,100 value!)
Includes onboarding support and training for the GatherUp review management system, in addition to SMS/text to ask for reviews and the ability to easily share your reviews as social content.
Execute direct and email marketing campaigns that are cost-effective and easy

Taradel is an online service that helps you create mail and digital ads designed to drive leads and attract new clients. Within 10 minutes of logging on to the platform, you can target an audience based on radius, drive time, and demographics; then select an ad design, media type, and delivery schedule. Media options include direct mail, Facebook, Google display, email, and informed delivery ads from the USPS. Then just checkout and you’re done. Taradel does everything else for you!

Pricing varies by campaign. Progressive agents receive an automatic 5 percent discount off any direct mail campaign, including postage. Customer support via phone and screenshare is available.

Taradel offers the following:
Taradel Direct Mail campaign
Pricing varies by campaign | 5 percent discount
Execute a direct mail campaign for your agency. Progressive agents get a 5 percent discount, including postage. Customer support via phone and screenshare is available.
Generate positive reviews and win back cancelled customers to grow your business

Lift Local is 100 percent service-based. They’ll act as an extension of your office and do all the work for you. Your personal account manager will handle your marketing and report on progress each month.
Lift Local offers two solutions for Progressive agents:
Review Generation
$179 per month (a $199 value!)
Helps you get authentic, positive customer reviews that you need to succeed in today’s insurance market.
$179 per month (a $199 value!)
Custom-created, strategically timed email messages that help you get in front of—and win back—cancelled customers.
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